Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Presents! Choose a Sew Happy Christmas gift!

Cottage lavender bag charm... or hang in a wardrobe
I thought I'd do a general post, as it's fast approaching Christmas. Thank you for all your orders - I've really enjoyed working on Sew Happy this year, and I love all the special requests and commissions. If you would like to get an order in for a Christmas present, please do it soon. I can customise anything you see on the site to suit, and I love new challenges.

Heart garlands - all sorts of combinations available
House charm on a specially made tote

Here's a range of photographs of some of my most popular items over the past year to remind you what is available. Please follow the links in the side bar, under 'labels' to find specific details about items.

Coasters and placements, waiting for a picnic
Placemats and coasters made with Cath Kidston fabric

I have coasters and placemats in all sorts of fabric, or you could mix and match a set.

Coasters, detail

Another lovely little present is a glasses cases, which I can make up in any number of fabrics:

Glasses cases
 I also have lavender hearts aplenty - these are always popular, and look so lovely around a home.

Lavender hearts

Or why not choose a brooch! I have lots of different styles - here are just a few of the ones I've made up over the past year:

Oilcloth brooch, made with Cath Kidston print and vintage button
Two felted wool brooches, with leaf decoration
Also, don't forget about my chicken doorstops. These are unique, and very unlike the chicken doorstops you will see elsewhere. They've proved a hit, and I love making them up - each is made to order, so you can personalise how you wish, choosing what colour felt head you would like. Each has a very particular character, and would prove a lovely Christmas present. I'm happy to add a name label to these if you wish.

Everything is beautifully gift wrapped. Please do let me know if you would like detailed information about anything, or would like to place an order. And once again, thank you for your support. You can contact me on thesewhappyshop@yahoo.co.uk

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Cute SEW HAPPY frog doorstop or paperweight

Meet Mrs Frog. She's weighted with dried beans, so is perfect as a doorstop, or as a desk paperweight. I've made her from a 40 year old pattern in my collection, which I've adjusted slightly because I wanted her to have a tongue... all frogs should have a tongue!

I've used a pair of boggle buttons, from my vintage collection. And a glass dragonfly bead has settled on her foot. She took a good couple of hours to make, so she's a bargain. I can make up a companion if you would like her to have a friend. Just let me know.

I also have other doorstops available - if you like this one, please scroll down and check my other makes for sale. All made by me.

Price: GB £10 plus £2 post and packing within the U.K.
Email me at:
Please contact me for postage elsewhere.

Fabulous Sew Happy selection of fabric chicken doorstops. Grab one quick!

I've made up some more chicken doorstops for all you chicken lovers out there - I can make these to order in any fabric you prefer. They really are Sew Happy chickens, and will bring a smile to your face. I've added a wonderful musical chicken to the collection! And a broccoli chicken... and a corn chicken. They can be used as doorstops, or use them as a cheerful paperweight to bring a little bit of colour to a desk!

Broccoli and corn chicken doorstops
Musical chicken doorstop
There are floral chickens and paisley chickens and strawberry chickens - the paisley and strawberry and the bubbles are Cath Kidston fabrics. Other fabrics are sourced from America.

Strawberry and paisley chicken doorstops - Cath Kidston fabric
Your choice - just let me know which you would prefer. I also have a larger chicken doorstop, available here.

Choose your favourite - any fabric possible!
 They are weighted with a large stone or two, and stuffed with a soft polyester filling.

Amy Butler fabric chicken doorstop
Each is ready to leave the flock!

Broccoli chicken doorstop

Price: GB £10 each weighted doorstop including post and packing within the U.K.
Email me at:
Please contact me for postage elsewhere.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Henrietta, chicken licken, Esmerelda... sew happy chicken doorstops

 These chickens are guaranteed to make you smile! I've always loved making my chicken cushions and chicken doorstops, link here, and I've now made some lovely girlies that would make fabulous Christmas presents, or indeed, fabulous presents for any occasion - one would make a lovely housewarming gift.
So I'm introducing my chicken doorstops. They are made with a top quality designer upholstery fabric for stiffness, and each will be that little bit different. These are the first three.

The eyes on these three are double buttons, with the central button being a gingham one, while a cute gingham ribbon completes the look. They are the same on both sides.

They are weighted with large pebbles and plumped up with stuffing to make them soft. These are very tactile! Click on each picture for a closer look.

I've tested these on lots of family/friends, and all have loved them. They really do make people smile.

GB £20 each including post/packing within the UK.
Please contact me for postage costs elsewhere.
Email me at:

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Lavender sachets, appliqued houses. Very cute!

Here's a colourful selection of appliqued house lavender sachets, generously filled with organic lavender from my local farm.

Each with three windows and a door. Very individual, very 'not on the high street'. I can add a button doorknob if wanted...

Various colour combinations available.
These are great fun to make, and I hope you like them. ;-)

GB £5 each including post/packing within the UK.
Please contact me for postage costs elsewhere.
Email me at:

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Unique organic lavender sachets - patched and embellished with sequins

I had a request for some purple themed items - purple is everywhere this season. For some time, I've had some absolutely gorgeous Eastern silk in a range of lush colours, and I remembered that purple was one of those colours. I love challenges and this was certainly a challenge, as I wanted to do something a little different to the sachets I've seen everywhere. I also wanted them to be that little bit extra special and eye catching, as deserves anything not found on the high street.

Looking through my fabrics, I also remembered the Cath Kidston purple paisley, and a purple check I picked up a while back. So I got playing... and these lavender sachets are the result. Each has been patched from the three fabrics. Some are backed with the check and some with the Cath Kidston paisley. Each has a gorgeous sequinned embellishment.

I had intended these to be pretty little drawer sachets, but they also pleaded to be hang-able, so I added a cute little gingham ribbon.

They are generously filled with lavender from my local lavender farm, one of the country's few certified organic lavender farms. I'm not always an organic addict, but I do believe lavender should be farmed organically, as it's such a magnet for bees, and after harvest, for us, so I do believe it's worth the slightly higher cost. Take a deep smell of this lavender and you know you aren't breathing in any peculiar chemicals. They measure 12 cm x 7 cm (4 1/2 in x 2 3/4 in).

GB £5 each including post/packing within the UK.
Please contact me for postage costs elsewhere.
Email me at:

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Gorgeous fabric heart-shaped key rings, each a little different

 These cute heart keyrings will cheer up your keys in an instant. Each has a felt heart appliqued to a floral fabric backing. The reverse is the floral fabric without the felt heart.

 Each has a different ribbon. Choose your favourite colour!

 Key rings were among the first things I made when I starting selling through Sew Happy, and I have a variety coming up, but the heart ones are always popular. I hope you love them.

GB £3.50 each plus 50p for post/packing within the UK.
Please contact me for postage costs elsewhere.
Email me at:

Friday, 9 July 2010

Fabric necklaces. Handmade with Cath Kidston fabric. Unique!

I've made some more necklaces this week, as they have proved so popular - thank you very much for your orders. I've made more hearts, as these ones seem to be especially popular. There's always something very special about heart jewellery, I think. 
 The first is made one from the ever popular rosali fabric, and am especially thrilled with this one. It's just so pretty this fabric, and it's destined to become a classic. How lovely to wear it!
Next, I've got a gorgeous one made from Cath Kidston's lush strawberry fabric:

A pretty gingham ribbon hooks it onto the necklace -
all necklaces are made by myself from waxed cotton cord.

I also have one in the stone Cath Kidston paisley, shown next to the rosali necklace here:

It has a lace ribbon to hold it onto the necklace. I then made a heart from the pink Cath Kidston paisley, which I set onto cord with a red gingham ribbon:

That's about all for now.

 The lower one in the photograph above is another Cath Kidston, and very pretty indeed. I've set this slightly differently, to hang at an angle, as I thought it worked really well that way.

 Let me know which design you would like when you order. I love making these, and a lot of time goes into each. They are set on a hand cut wood base, and slightly padded. I've made a couple for friends which are filled with a little lavender - give a squeeze, and you release a beautiful smell (if you like lavender!).
If you would like one made this way, just ask. It's 50 pence extra - the lavender is from a local organic farm, and is gorgeous. The hearts are just over 5 cm across. Length of the cord is approx 44 cm.

GB £7.50 each  or £8 for a necklace with lavender stuffing.
Post and packing within the UK: £1
Email me at:
Please contact me for total shipping price elsewhere.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Beautiful fabric jewellery necklace pendants - hearts, ovals, circles

Why not wear your favourite fabric as a piece of jewellery! I've been working on developing a number of designs for a series of necklaces and earrings, and I'm thrilled to be popping these fabric necklaces into my shop.

There are currently three designs to choose from, and an endless variation of fabrics. There are hearts. 

There are oval pendants:

And there are circular pendants:

Each can be matched up with earrings to make a set, though I haven't yet had a chance to finish and photograph the earrings. They are all based on an individually cut wood base, and all have slight padding to give a 3D effect.

They are backed with felt. And they are guaranteed to draw comments and attention when worn.

When you order, either specify a particular fabric you like and the shape, or please specify colour.

The necklaces are either a simple waxed cotton cord or waxed cord with organza ribbon - very pretty. Length is approx 44 cm, so they hang beautifully. I've popped one on my mannequin to give you an idea of the look:

The hearts are just over 5 cm across, the ovals are approx 5.5 cm by 3.5 cm, while the button discs vary (because these are based on actual buttons) but average around 3 cm . There really is endless choice!

GB £7.50 each
Post and packing within the UK: £1
Email me at:
Please contact me for total shipping price elsewhere.