Tuesday, 6 December 2011

iPad covers / iPad cases - patchworked from pretty fabrics

I have a selection of iPad covers, softly padded to provide a casing for your iPad and all made from a patchwork of fabrics guaranteed to cheer you on taking your iPad out of a bag. I have a fabulous sewing themed print (the front shown above and the back just below):

Or there's the one with a cheeky fruity ladies print, teamed with a gorgeously complementary graphic fruit print:

This is a brilliant fabric, full of cheeky fun:

Or how about cupcakes for a tea and cake lover:

I also have a sunny red iPad case, patchworked from a gingham teamed with a classic Cath Kidston. This one closes with a ribbon tie around a handcovered button.

It also is embellished with ribbons, including a Live Laugh Love ribbon:

Most of my cases close with a velcro tab. These are all striking cases, and one of a kind - I haven't seen iPad covers quite like these anywhere.

I've sold a number of my iPad cases, so not all shown in the picture above are available, but if you spot a fabric you like, I can make to order if I still have the fabrics.

My iPad covers are a perfect fit for the original iPad but also sized to fit the iPad 2. I've tested with both and sold to people who have both. They are pictured with the iPad 1. They make an iPad prettier!

Contact me at thesewhappyshop@yahoo.co.uk with any questions.
Cost of each iPad sleeve is £20 plus £2.50 pp within the UK.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Kindle case / eReader Sleeve - Made to order

I've started making Kindle cases. Because there's such a variety of eReaders, I'll make these to order once I know your particular model - whether it be Kindle or Kobo or Nook.

I've made up some samples to show my design. I love patchwork, so these are patchworked from two complementary fabrics, and themed for particular interest. I have a music lovers eReaders case:

And also one for a wine lover, with wine bottle labels stamped on the fabric:

I've also used a pretty bird themed fabric:

I add a line of embroidery to most of my covers, if it suits the design, and they are all fully lined and padded for extra protection. They close with a velcro tab.

Contact me at thesewhappyshop@yahoo.co.uk with any questions. Cost of each eReader sleeve is £16 plus £2.50 pp within the UK.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Fabric rabbits!

Two patchwork rabbits - one themed in purple, one in pink.

I've designed the pattern myself, based on watching my rabbits hopping. I wanted to capture that moment in mid leap.

The ears are from a fabric that has a handwritten script mentioning flowers from Shakespeare's time, while the eyes are buttons that I found at Liberty.

I've used another script fabric for their tummies, this time a Peter Pan inspired fabric about wishes and dreams, which seemed very appropriate for these special bunnies. The cheerful multicoloured print is a Kaffe Fassett! No one does patterns like Kaffee Fassett.

I can make rabbits from particular fabrics to order depending on which fabrics you would prefer, or which colours. Just ask!

GB £12 each
Post and packing within the UK: £2.50 or £4 for the pair
Email me telling me which one you prefer:
Please contact me for total shipping price elsewhere.
Please note these are currently reserved.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sew Happy Lavender spaniels : Rosali fabric

I've been making my spaniels and dogs for quite a while now, and thought I'd show them here, as they've proved very popular.

I've always loved script fabrics, and I wanted to combine this design with some of my script fabrics, so each is a little different from what you may see elsewhere. The pattern is my own.

They work well with a variety of fabrics, but always with script ears! I've also been personalising with printed and sewn fabric labels

A closer look:

They are generously filled with polyester stuffing and also organic lavender, so arrive beautifully fresh.

GB £12 each
Post and packing within the UK: £2.50
Please email me at
Please contact me for shipping price elsewhere.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Handmade glasses cases - protect your specs!

My previous listings of glasses cases have proved very popular and I've now made another selection for you, ready for the summer. There's a wonderfully pretty postcard and roses fabric and the lovely rosali rose on blue. There are lots of different prints to choose from. These are not designed for chunky summer sunglasses, but they will fit average-sized glasses and sunnies, as I've tried to show. If you're unsure, just send me the width of your glasses, and I'll let you know if they will suit. Or I can make a larger case if you need.

The cases are interlined with a soft wadding to provide that necessary protection, while a pretty, contrasting lining complements the outer fabric. An owl fabric case here is flanked by rose on blue rosali on the left and Cath Kidston's pink paisley on the right.

There is also a yacht themed case and a 'mom cooks' print, which is a lovely Japanese fabric.

Just let me know on ordering which you prefer. Some have an elastic and button closure, others have a ribbon or cord and button.

GB £7.50 each
Post and packing within the UK: £1.00
Email me at telling me which one you prefer:
Payment by cheque or paypal.
Please contact me for total shipping price elsewhere.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

One-of-a-kind Sew Happy handbag!

I've completed another handbag, a gorgeous one-off, made from an absolutely stunning designer fabric. I'm calling it my stamp & letter bag, for obvious reasons.

 This adds instant pizazz to any outfit, especially a blue outfit - it matches florals or jeans equally well.

The straps are long enough for you to carry it over your shoulder, or hang it on your arm. The bag measures approx 23 cm deep by 31 cm width (I measured the width with the bag laid flat, measuring across the top opening). The handles measure 50 cm. It is fully lined, with a blue cotton with white polka dots, and has a pocket made from the same text fabric. It's a truly lush fabric, with a wonderful suede effect feel.

The price is £15 plus £2.50 packing and postage within the UK. More pictures and details on my Folksy listing here.

Please email me on thesewhappyshop@yahoo.co.uk.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Scottie dog wool bag. A fabulous one off.

I've listed this tartan wool applique bag on Folksy, here. This really is a unique bag, and has a lovely tactile feel, with suede handles and a button eye for the scottie, while I've chosen a blue tartan wool for the bag itself.

It is fully lined, in the same pretty floral sprig fabric I've used for the applique, and has a pocket and a magnetic clasp closure.

It really is one of a kind, and a bargain price at just £15 plus £2.50 packing and postage. It will come carefully gift wrapped in tissue - it would be an ideal and unique present for a friend.

Email me at thesewhappyshop@yahoo.co.uk or buy through the Folksy link to my Sew Happy shop. Any questions, please ask.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Lavender hearts - applique and patchwork rosali

I rarely list hearts, as I feel there are so many out there, but it's so amazing how everyone's hearts are so different depending on the fabric and ribbon combinations used. I thought I'd list a few, starting with two today, and see if anyone likes them. I teamed the ever-popular Cath Kidston rosal print, appliqueing a heart onto a blue and white striped cotton for my first choice.

I had great fun doing this - I've made plenty of hearts for my lovely local shop, where they are always popular, and I always enjoy thinking of new ways to do them and raiding my ribbons and buttons for those added extra touches.

I haven't got very much of the ribbon I used on this one left, which is a shame, as it's one of my favourites.

My second heart is a patchwork one, with added embellishment from a gorgeous cotton lace, threaded with ribbon. I had to add a little of the rosali to this one as well.

Patchwork hearts are lovely, as you never quite know how they will turn out.

I hope you like. They are well padded, and include generous amounts of lavender from my local organic lavender farm, providing a lovely smell when squeezed gently. Please contact me if you'd like to buy one.

GB £5 each heart
Post and packing within the UK: £1
Please email me at
Please contact me for shipping price elsewhere.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hand crochet/stitched hairbands - a pretty selection

Having daughters in the house is an excuse to have lots of pretty things - and hairbands are a must. I've made them lots over the years, but have never put them up on my blogshop. But these look so full of colour and the joys of spring, I couldn't resist.

They are on beautiful complementary cotton lace, stitched with elastic at the back. I've crocheted some, and stitched others.

The yoyo is Cath Kidston's gorgeous bubble rose fabric, which I've teamed with a Rowan cotton rose pink crochet flower - I do all the crochet - and a vintage button, so rather unique this one:

I've crocheted a rose, which I've popped on a brooch pin, so this doubles up - you can remove it to use just the lace as a hairband, and use the rose as a brooch, for a change.

These are £7.50 each, plus £1 post/packing - will come prettily wrapped in tissue. All unique, and all eyecatching. Email me at thesewhappyshop@yahoo.co.uk with any questions. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tapestry cushions with bobble trim

I've collected tapestries for a long time, and have decided to make some of them into cushions, and I'm thrilled with the results (I'm a tapestry lover anyway, so I guess I would be). These really add a splash of colour to a chair.

There are a variety of sizes - email me if you are interested (thesewhappyshop@yahoo.co.uk). I've also listed them in my Folksy shop. And please pop by if you like my makes to like me on Facebook, where I'm  TheSewHappyShop. I'm trying to update quite frequently on Facebook, and would love to see you over there.

The two small ones are cute together, while flowers are always a popular choice:

Do contact me if you are interested in any of these.

Price: GB £10 each of the smaller cushions - an absolute bargain as these are hand stitched tapestries - plus £2.00 post and packing within the U.K. The larger floral spray cushion shown in the picture above is £15 plus £2.00 post and packing.
Email me at:
Please contact me for postage elsewhere.