Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hand crochet/stitched hairbands - a pretty selection

Having daughters in the house is an excuse to have lots of pretty things - and hairbands are a must. I've made them lots over the years, but have never put them up on my blogshop. But these look so full of colour and the joys of spring, I couldn't resist.

They are on beautiful complementary cotton lace, stitched with elastic at the back. I've crocheted some, and stitched others.

The yoyo is Cath Kidston's gorgeous bubble rose fabric, which I've teamed with a Rowan cotton rose pink crochet flower - I do all the crochet - and a vintage button, so rather unique this one:

I've crocheted a rose, which I've popped on a brooch pin, so this doubles up - you can remove it to use just the lace as a hairband, and use the rose as a brooch, for a change.

These are £7.50 each, plus £1 post/packing - will come prettily wrapped in tissue. All unique, and all eyecatching. Email me at thesewhappyshop@yahoo.co.uk with any questions. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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