Saturday, 17 October 2009

Fabric buckets! Ideal for Christmas or to fill with gifts

I have fabric buckets dotted all over the house and they are always useful for keeping bits and pieces in, and they look gorgeous. I use them for holding wool, ribbon, scraps of fabric, fabric quarters, notes and letters, and I have one for bits and pieces in the bathroom. Add a pot inside and they look good with a plant or with flowers inside. I've given a few ideas in the following photos. All the buckets are for sale, but without the contents (although the bird bucket and contents can be purchased as a gift bucket, if you are interested).

Try using a plastic pot insert and popping a plant into a fabric bucket and using as a table decoration, as shown here, this one made from Cath Kidston's bubbles fabric
lined with blue gingham. Or use a bucket for holding napkins.

The Christmas bucket would be fabulous packed with yummy gifts and wrapped in cellophane - You can fit quite a few bits and pieces into these.

The fabric really is gorgeous, lovely and thick... just take a closer look. What wonderful details to bring a festive feel.

The bird fabric makes a good bucket... again stuffed with gifts
(all these available in my shop)

and the back, showing another bird (lots on this bird bucket) and the back of this particular flower fairy cushion - the bubbles!). I've packed the bucket with a mildly lavender scented pillow, a pretty tissue holder , and a small chicken cushion...

Or why not use a bucket to collect all those hair accessories that seem to hang about all over the house. Clips can be attached to the top, and there you have an easy solution to a messy problem. Once you start using them, you find endless uses.

This one is made from Cath Kidston's enduringly beautiful bubble rose fabric (now very difficult to get hold of at a sensible price), lined with Laura Ashley white spot on pink.

Or pack a fabric bucket with those fqs of fabric - they can hold several. This is a fabric called Albertine, which Cath Kidston designed for Ikea a while back.
It's a very nostalgic print.

The buckets are stiffened with interfacing for stability. They are ideal shabby chic Christmas presents, to give, or to keep, or to fill with more gifts.

Sizes: note that height is with the top folded down so is approximate.
Height: approx 19-20 cm; approx 15 cm (diameter)

GB £10.00 for a bucket plus £1 post and packing within the UK. Email me at:
Bird bucket is available with contents at a special price (Flower Fairy lavender pillow, tissue holder with tissues, small chicken cushion): £18 plus £1.70 post and packing within the UK.
Please contact me for shipping elsewhere. I hope you've enjoyed looking at the buckets. Thank you for stopping by.