Friday, 24 April 2009

French fabric fabric bucket family

I love making fabric buckets, and you'll find consquently a lot will be popping up in the shop, individually for the most part. However, this family really needs to stay together, I think, as it looks so pretty as a set.

I have fabric buckets dotted all over the house and they are incredibly useful. I use them for holding wool, ribbon, scraps of fabric, fabric quarters, notes and letters, and I even have one for bits and pieces in the bathroom.

Add a pot inside, and they look gorgeous with a plant or flowers inside.

These are made from a summer floral fabric I found in France last year. I haven't much left, so there won't be many of these around. They are lined with a complimentary good quality pink gingham. They are also interlined to stiffen them.

Sizes: please note these can only be approx, because it depends on the turn down. All measurements here are with the turn down as photographed. Diameters given are as measured across the base.

Large: 18 cm (height); 16 cm (diameter)
Medium: 13 cm (height); 12 cm (diameter)
Small: 10 cm (height); 11 cm (diameter)


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